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Long Term Care Assessments: Insurance assessments are conducted for those who are applying for or already have an existing long term care policy and are wanting to take advantage of a policy benefit. Depending on the type of assessment, it can range from 2 to 30 pages and the actual assessment time can take approximately an hour and a half. Travel is typically involved and mileage reimbursement can be taken into consideration. Since these assessment are Per Diem, you may choose which assessments you wish to complete.


Important Things To know:

Experience: One year of RN experience as well as a home fax machine is required. Although previous assessment experience is not required, it is most certainly helpful.

References: You will have access to the names of nurses who have done these assessments in the past to see if this line of work is a good fit.

Timeliness: Please note that assessment clients must be notified within 24 hours and completion should take no longer than week. Additionally, assessments can be done on non business days and hours.

Completion: Once assessments are complete, please retain for at least 30 days for the company’s reference.

Compensation: Payroll is processed every two weeks as long as time slips have been submitted for processing and in most cases, each assessment is $50.00.